Wednesday, 8 March 2017

#10 – 16/03/17: Patrick Hayden presents "The Heart of Politics: Amor Mundi and Human Plurality"

Before drawing up the constitution of a new body politic, we shall have to create–not merely discover–a new foundation for human community as such.
–Hannah Arendt, concluding emarks to The Origins of Totalitarianism

For our next session we will be joined by Patrick Hayden, Professor of Political Theory and International Relations at St Andrews, who will present his paper "The Heart of Politics: Amor Mundi and Human Plurality". Prof. Hayden has published widely on Arendt, including: a monograph, Political Evil in a Global Age: Hannah Arendt and International Theory (2010), an edited collection, Hannah Arendt: Key Concepts (2014), and numerous articles and chapters, the most recent of which explores Arendt, refugees, and world-making. Hayden's other publications include Camus and the Challenge of Political Thought: Between Despair and Hope (2016) and the co-authored Recognition and Global Politics: Critical Encounters between State and World (2015).

**Please note that we are meeting at the earlier time of 3-5pm.**

Where?: Botany House, 1.03
When?: Thursday 16th March, 3-5pm
Primary reading: Chapters 12, 13, and Appendix from The Origins of Totalitarianism. PDF here.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

#9 – 02/03/17: The Jewish Writings

 Even if the Jews were to win the war, its end would find the … achievements of Zionism in Palestine destroyed … The “victorious” Jews would live surrounded by an entirely hostile Arab population, secluded inside ever threatened borders, absorbed with physical self-defence to a degree that would submerge all other interests and activities.
Hannah Arendt, 'To Save the Jewish Homeland'

In this session we will explore excerpts from Arendt's so-called 'Jewish writings'. Starting with her incendiary essays from the early 1940s, we will trace her development of ideas about the struggle for Jewish emancipation, culminating in the prophetic 'To Save the Jewish Homeland'.

These writings bring out some of the questions of political violence and revolution that we have examined in previous sessions. They also document Arendt's views regarding Jewish nationalism as well as the Israel and Palestine conflict (which, by the time of 'To Save the Jewish Homeland' had evolved into an armed struggle).

Where? LHRI Seminar rooom 1
When? Thursday 2 March 2017, 5-7pm
Primary reading: Selected essays from The Jewish Writings, by Hannah Arendt, edited by Jerome Kohn and Ron Feldman. PDF here.
Secondary reading: ‘I merely belong to them’, Judith Butler's review of The Jewish Writings, in The London Review of Books (May 2007). Read it here.