Thursday, 1 June 2017

FINAL - 08/06/17 Screening: Zur Person + End of Year Party

To live together in the world means essentially that a world of things is between those who have it in common, as a table is located between those who sit around if, the world, like every in-between, relates and separates men at the same time. 
Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition

For our final session of the year, and our final session looking at Hannah Arendt, we will we be screening the 1964 interview between her and G√ľnter Gaus, shown on Zur Person / The Person. Then, to celebrate our year with Arendt we will do one of her favourite things - sit around a table (and eat!).

During Zur Person, Arendt discusses her relationship to philosophy, politics and her gender. Watching it gives us a rare chance to hear Arendt candidly answering questions about her political theory.

Following the screening, we will walk down to award-winning Kerala restaurant, Tharavadu, for an end of year meal. If you wish to come to the meal, please RSVP by Monday 5th June.

Where? LHRI Seminar room 1
When? Thursday 8th June, 5-7pm 
Reading: None!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

#13 – 25/05/17: Thinking and Willing

To lose the appetite for meaning we call thinking and cease to ask unanswerable questions [would be to] lose not only the ability to produce those thought-things that we call works of art but also the capacity to ask all the answerable questions upon which every civilization is founded.
Hannah Arendt, The Life of the Mind

For our penultimate session we will be discussing Arendt's final and lesser-known work, The Life of the Mind.

The Life of the Mind is a challenging text in which Arendt seeks to redefine three mental activities: thinking, willing and judging. Although she doesn't quite manage to explicate the relationship between mental activities and action, The Life of the Mind provides a foundation for later theorists who have (including Julia Kristeva). It also offers important insights into the relationship between the individual mind and reality, answering back to Kant and Hegel.
We will be focusing on a section of the book that achieves all of the above, 'Mental Activities in the World of Appearances', and pairing it with Rei Terada's 'Thinking for Oneself: Realism and Defiance in Arendt'.
Refreshments will be provided.

Where? LHRI Seminar room 1
When? Thursday 25th May, 5-7pm 
Primary reading: H. Arendt, 'Mental Activities in the World of Appearances', from The Life of the Mind. PDF here.
Secondary reading: R. Terada, 'Thinking for Oneself: Realism and Defiance in Arendt'. PDF here.